About Us

Buying, modifying, and maintaining trailers or hitches is one of the passions of our writers at Superpcparts.com.

In order to share our passion with others, we have launched a website SuperpcParts.com dedicated to providing accurate and easily accessible information about trailer hitches.

While attending university in 2022, Sophia Mehra created Superpcparts.com as a hobby project to share his thoughts on his newly purchased trailer hits for personal use. 

As of mid-2022, Sophia Mehra lives in the United Kingdom. In order to demonstrate her expertise in the trailer hitch industry, Sophia Mehra set up a team that writes Press Releases to share her knowledge with people who want to know more about trailer hitches of multiple types.

What do we do?

Superpcparts.com focuses primarily on providing trailer hitch comparison guides.

Mail Address: superpcpart@gmail.com